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Anton Stoykov has been the Managing Director at TEU BULGARIA since 2020.

Anton Stoykov has 17 years of experience in the logistics sector, the last 14 of these he is taking different managerial roles in multinational logistics companies. Since 2020 he has been managing director and shareholder of TEU Bulgaria, part of TEU Group, one of fastest growing freight forwarding companies in the region with its HQ in Thessaloniki, Greece, and offices also in Romania and Serbia. The company is a complete logistics provider with 9 own offices and 220 employees in the region.

  1. What unique strengths and attributes do you believe set TEU GROUP apart as an international logistics company?

At TEU GROUP, our unique strengths lie in a combination of precision, adaptability, and a commitment to excellence in international logistics. Since our establishment in 2004, we have emerged as a fast-growing leading freight forwarding company within the Balkan Area. Our comprehensive services span international Sea transport (FCL & LCL), road transport (FTL & LTL), and air transport, catering to the diverse needs of our clients by providing vertical and lateral solutions. Our extensive strategic partnerships and a well-established presence in key markets, like China, enable us to provide reliable, end-to-end logistics solutions. Our unique strengths and attributes also consist of our highly trained and specialized people as well as our consistency in the implementation of our agreements. We take pride in “walking the talk” with a focus on continuous innovation and sustainability.

  1. How do the company’s global presence and extensive network of agents reinforce its strengths and abilities to deliver comprehensive logistics solutions?

TEU GROUP’s global presence and expansive network of agents are integral to our ability to deliver seamless logistics solutions. Since 2004, we have strategically and gradually established ourselves as a key player in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, and China. Our specialization in international road, sea, and air transport is further strengthened by partnerships with major shipping companies, guaranteeing competitive prices and high-quality services. We leverage our global network to navigate diverse markets, ensuring a local understanding of regulations and customs procedures. With a commitment to reliability and efficiency, TEU GROUP’s extensive network reinforces our capacity to provide comprehensive, tailored logistics solutions to our clients worldwide.

  1. What is TEU GROUP’s vision for the future? How do you see the company evolving and expanding its services in the coming years?

TEU GROUP’s vision for the future aligns with our strategic objectives and commitment to excellence. Our multifaceted approach involves a commercial development strategy aimed at expanding our presence globally, differentiating our services, and establishing TEU Group as a leader in shipping and logistics. We truly believe that the key differentiator is people, thus we prioritize human resources, fostering a culture of development, attracting top-tier talent, and maintaining a safe working environment. Our financial strategy focuses on creating stable sources of business activity and minimizing operating costs. With an environmental strategy emphasizing energy savings and responsible resource use, TEU GROUP aims to shape an environmental culture within the company.

  1. How does the company’s vision align with industry trends and evolving customer needs, and what strategies are in place to realize this vision?

TEU GROUP’s vision is aligned with industry trends and evolving customer needs through a proactive approach to technology adoption, service enhancement, and ESG. Our commitment to differentiation in service provision and a continuous development strategy based on sustainability positions us ahead of market trends. We actively invest resources into our social and environmental responsibility in order to align with our customer needs towards a sustainable future. Regular customer feedback is sought to tailor our services, ensuring we stay at the forefront of market demands. With a focus on limiting our environmental footprint and being compliant with rules and regulations, we seek to meet corporate sustainability goals drive impact within our industry, and exceed customer expectations.

  1. What was the main reason for you to join the WOF Alliance, and what are your expectations of the overall WOF platform?

TEU GROUP’s decision to join the WOF Alliance is rooted in the alliance’s commitment to support SME logistics service providers to connect and develop their businesses in a competitive, safe, and pleasant way. This family feeling that WOF promotes is already deeply woven into TEU GROUP’s core values. Our expectation is that the WOF platform will serve as a catalyst for fostering valuable partnerships, sharing industry insights, and collectively addressing challenges in the dynamic logistics landscape. We anticipate that collaboration within WOF will enhance our global reach, allowing us to offer even more competitive services to our clients. 

      TEU GROUP SHIPPING & FORWARDING is an International privately owned company Est.2004 in Greece, at Thessaloniki, our Group HQ. Today, we are a motivated Team of about 100+ qualified employees in 11 strategic locations. With ours offices in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia we are able to ensure the full coverage of the South-eastern Europe are and the Balkan area. For Asia/Pacific area, our representations in China and Hong Kong are your key partners for your importations and exportations. We care about your cargo, your budget and your peace of mind.