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1. Joe, can you share your personal story of working in the freight forwarding industry and how you see the future of the traditional freight forwarding business?

Having spent 34 years with Sadleirs Global Logistics, I’ve witnessed first-hand the remarkable evolution of this industry. Our company, with a heritage dating back to 1829, has thrived on a steadfast commitment to customer service and the ability to forge strong, lasting relationships. This focus is at the core of every decision we make and every innovation we adopt.

The landscape of freight forwarding has transformed during my time at Sadleirs, whether it be by technology or general global trends. However, the fundamental ‘why’ behind what we do—our focus on customer service—has not wavered. Looking ahead, I see the future of traditional freight forwarding as an exciting blend of tradition and innovation. While we continue to embrace technologies and processes that enhance efficiency and accuracy, maintaining our customer-focused approach remains paramount.

2. What strategies have helped Sadleirs Global Logistics survive and maintain a competitive edge in the industry over the past couple of years?

Some key strategies that have allowed Sadleirs Global Logistics to maintain a competitive edge in the logistics industry include our focused commitment to customer-centric solutions and our operational flexibility. We recognise the diverse and unique needs of our clients, and we excel at delivering services that are not just solutions but strategic advantages for our customers. Our deep understanding of global logistics in an Australian context is also a significant advantage.

Our ability to adapt quickly to changes in the market and to the specific requirements of our clients has been crucial. This agility ensures that we can respond effectively to any logistical challenge, which in turn solidifies our reputation as a reliable partner. Whether it’s adapting to sudden shifts in supply chain demands or customising logistics strategies for unique challenges, our teams are equipped and ready to handle it.

3. What type of service has Sadleirs Global Logistics included in your offering recently and why?

Our key service proposition is our Sadleirs Lead Logistics Provider (SLLP) offering that developed organically in response to increased demand in clients seeking a more personalised and effective approach. Our SLLP model provides clients with a dedicated team to manage every aspect of their logistics needs from start to finish. This highly personalised team structure consistently delivers quality results to customers, underpinning our commitment to tailored solutions and genuine partnerships.

Using the SLLP model, clients have full access to all our freight forwarding and customs brokerage services as well as expertise in more niche and specialist movements including complex project cargo, perishable goods, valuable and vulnerable freight including security handling.

ai Express, our dedicated express airfreight and critical cargo division, offers tailored door-to-door express solutions available 24/7/365. The ai Express team specialises in time-sensitive and urgent freight, serving critical industries including aviation, aerospace, ship spares, plant shutdowns, disaster relief, as well as the pharmaceutical and medical sectors.

We collaborate with Australian industry bodies and government agencies to promote best practice in the import and export of goods in and out of Australia. We’re proud to be one of the foundational Accredited Australian Trusted Trader (the equivalent of an AEO) which provides our teams with dedicated contact with Australian Border Force as well as prioritised service and examination of goods.

4. What was the main reason for you to join WOF Alliance, and what are your expectations of the overall WOF platform and the foreign agents?

Our decision to join the WOF Alliance was driven by our commitment to global logistics excellence and the desire to connect with like-minded partners worldwide. Through WOF, we hope to expand our global reach by forging new relationships, enhance our capabilities and share expertise. We look forward to collaborating with other agents to create mutually beneficial opportunities.



As a distinguished Australian, family-owned business, Sadleirs offer unparalleled expertise in freight forwarding and customs clearance, backed by over a century of operation.
Their dedicated team, including in-house Customs Brokers, operating exclusively within Australia, brings together more than 500 years of collective experience. They pride ourselves on being profoundly customer-focused, ensuring personalised service for all freight requirements; from your everyday movements to the most challenging cargo.