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Michal Grachowski, Cargo Director at LOT POLISH AIRLINES.

Michal Grachowski is an experienced Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the airlines, logistics, and supply chain industry. Strong professional skilled in Business, Negotiation, Operations Management, Freight, Procurement, and Strategic Planning.

  1. Could you provide a brief introduction to LOT Polish Airlines, highlighting key aspects that set the airline apart in the world of aviation?

Tradition, quality, competence – we have been making global aviation history for 95 years, offering comfortable and safe travel to the farthest corners of the world.  We are one of the 12 oldest existing airlines in the world. We embarked on our first flight with passengers in 1929. We always put the passenger first, providing the highest level of service. We are professionals who boldly pursue our goal of providing specialized products tailored to each customer.

  1. Highlight some features that make LOT Polish Airlines stand out in terms of passenger comfort and aircraft technology.

Admire the world from a bird’s eye view aboard one of the youngest and most technologically advanced fleets in the world! Not only the destination, but the journey itself should be a pleasure, which is why all flights are operated in comfort. Embraer 195 or Boeing 787 Dreamliner – regardless of the choice, safety, and reliability are included in the ticket price. Ergonomic shapes, soft seats, spacious luggage compartments, and lower fuel usage.

  1. How does the company’s vision align with industry trends and evolving customer needs, and what strategies are in place to realize this vision?

LOT Polish Airlines intends to enhance passenger comfort with a significant upgrade of the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner cabins. New design, seats, WiFi on board, and advanced in-flight entertainment will redefine the comfort and style of our wide-body fleet.

The new interiors will be the result of collaboration with brands such as RECARO Aircraft Seating, Safran Passenger Innovations, Viasat, and Tangerine. Collaborations with these cutting-edge and well-known companies will have a long-lasting impact on the comfort of our passengers.

  1. Can you share more about the airline’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint and promoting sustainability?

We are proud to implement the DESTINATION ECO project, which aims to strengthen our position as a socially responsible company. We are observing the constantly growing importance of pro-environmental attitudes and it is also important for us to strive to meet the changing expectations of our customers.

We focus our environmental activities on three main areas:

– reducing CO2 emissions,

– the search for alternative and sustainable aviation fuels and CO2 offset projects,

– reducing the use of items made from non-biodegradable materials,

– we support nature protection activities.

  1. What do you foresee as the primary challenges or obstacles that LOT may encounter in the coming years, and how do you plan to address them to ensure the company’s continued success?

Here is an extract from the press release on the 2024-2028 strategy:

Our strategy for 2024-2028 includes, among other things, increasing our aircraft fleet by around 50% (110 in 2028 compared to 75 at present), increasing the number of passengers by around 70% (16.9 million in 2028 compared to 10.3 million at present), increasing the quality of service and passenger satisfaction through, among other things, a new interior standard in wide-body aircraft and the introduction of Wi-Fi access during long-haul flights.

Nearly 20 new scheduled destinations, both medium and long-haul, will be added to LOT Polish Airlines’ route network. The national carrier is also planning investments at airports: the Polonez Business Lounge in Warsaw will be rebuilt and refreshed, and a business lounge in Chicago will be launched.

As part of its social responsibility, LOT Polish Airlines will focus on a transformation in sustainable development and cooperation with the scientific and academic community, the business world, and support for the development of the tourism market.

6. What do you foresee as the primary challenges or obstacles that LOT may encounter in the coming years, and how do you plan to address them to ensure the company’s continued success?

LOT Cargo’s decision to join the WOF Alliance stems from its strategic objective of fortifying its global presence. The alliance offers an invaluable opportunity for closer collaboration among its members, facilitating enhanced synergy and resource-sharing. This collaborative effort is poised to better address the dynamic demands of the global cargo market.

LOT Cargo eagerly anticipates leveraging the collective expertise and resources inherent within the WOF Alliance. Through this alliance, it seeks to venture into new business avenues, broaden its market outreach, and furnish its clientele with value-added services. As logistics continues to transform, LOT Cargo firmly believes that the WOF platform will assume a pivotal role in propelling growth, fostering innovation, and promoting sustainability within the cargo industry.


LOT Polish Airlines is a modern carrier connecting Central and Eastern Europe with the rest of the world. LOT’s offer includes direct long-haul flights to airports in the United States, Canada, China, Japan, and South Korea. The Polish carrier has been consistently increasing the number of its flights to those destinations, thus strengthening and maintaining its integral position in Central and Eastern Europe. Long-haul flights are operated by the Boeing 787 Dreamliners – one of the most advanced wide-body aircraft in the world. The Polish Carrier has been present in the sky since 1929. It’s the world’s 12th oldest airline and one of the most internationally recognizable Polish brands.