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Gary Wilcox, Chief Executive Officer at JAG UFS Group.

JAG UFS Group is now in its 5 decade of operation and is a second-generation family business. We believe that partnerships should be built on honesty and trust. Our philosophy is to provide the very best service to all customers and partners alike. It is important that we give all of our valued partners the tools to win mutual business and give them the confidence that we are an extension of their business.

  1. JAG UFS Group is a premium transportation service provider, what differentiates you from the competition?

JAG UFS prides itself on many factors that make us different, as a family we company we care about the business we do, and we treat partners with the same respect we would expect from all partners. We build partnerships based on honesty and trust. We respond within a timely manner to ensure that our partners can respond with accuracy and speed to their clients. We believe that every successful relationship is built on this very foundation.

  1. How important do you consider the Central East European region for your business?

Central and Eastern Europe is becoming more prominent, especially after Brexit. With the current global climate, many clients have looked at Eastern Europe as a very worthy alternative to the Far East, stressing the importance even more than ever of having a strong partner in this region, a partner that can reflect our high levels of service is vitally important.

  1. Can you tell us what are the main challenges in Transport and Logistics you are facing presently?

There is always the same challenge, which is the ability to offer a choice of service, whilst remaining competitive against the bigger companies. In our 43 years of operating, we have navigated through many recessions, both globally and nationally. We firmly believe that there will always be a place for the medium-sized forwarder who can offer a very high service level against the larger forwarders who always struggle to match the service levels. So whatever challenges we face, we can overcome them. All too often you hear a lot of negativity about the large players making it harder for companies our size, but I see this as a positive because we can add value to our clients. The biggest challenge we now have is technology and ensuring that we keep up with the growing pace of the technology that is available without compromising on being able to offer a personal service.

  1. What do you especially recommend to your customers when it comes to transport services in 2024?

With the trust that we have built with our clients over many years, we always recommend two levels of pricing, letting the client decide what fits their individual requirements at the time of their shipments, i think it is vitally important to offer a choice. We always make sure that we can adapt our service to their requirements and not expect them to fit into our working model.

  1. Why did you decide to join the WOF Alliance Network?

We chose the WOF Alliance because it seems to have the same philosophy as we do, it is filled with like-minded professionals who are here to build partnerships and not just be in the network on what they can receive, but what they can offer. We would never meet anyone for the first time and promise all of our business, we need to get to know each other first and ensure that a level of trust can be built. Equally, I wouldn’t expect to meet someone for the first time and hand over all of their business. It could be a slow process, but a solid process that ensures longevity in the relationship and moves forward on a solid foundation. We have never been members of many networks, I believe this just dilutes the opportunity to build successfully. 

      JAG UFS is a family-owned company that was founded in 1981 and is now run by the second generation. Our mission is very simple – to be the very best at what we do, to be renowned for the very highest level of service and impeccable communication. We are continually seeking to improve individually and collectively. We aspire to be innovative in our solutions for our customers, and to be an extension of their business and more than “just another supplier”. Our team tailors services to match our customers’ requirements, not expecting customers to adjust their requirements around JAG UFS. The expertise in finding solutions is our responsibility, adapting to the needs of our customers. This is our strength and is mirrored in every JAG UFS office, domestically and globally.