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  1. DgR Global is a premium transportation service provider with global coverage, what differentiates you from the competition?

DgR Global is part of the Dogruer Group, which has 65 years of experience in the logistics sector. This experience gives us many advantages, such as warehouse accessibility, domestic transportation with our own trucks, customs clearance expertise across Turkey, handling-labeling-packaging options, and international transportation with all modalities.

Our difference lies not only in providing forwarding service but also in offering a full package of logistics services to our customers.

Moreover, the Dogruer Group is one of the top 3 customs companies in Turkey, enabling us to provide a boutique service to customers by having access to all ports in the country and establishing strong connections with carriers. This also allows us to process air and seaports quickly and catch the client’s target costs, providing them with an effective price.

Thanks to our experienced and strong team, we are also in a position to provide our customers with a unique service 24 hours a day, even outside working hours.

  1. Can you tell us what are the main challenges in Transport and Logistics you are facing presently?

The biggest problem currently faced in transport and logistics is price competition. All the unfortunate events experienced in the world recently have ended the stability in prices. Therefore, customers believe that even the cheapest price will be cheaper and continue to research, affecting our price stability.

  1. How do they affect the supply chain overall and how do you support your customers best in this environment?

In the Turkish market, customers try to reduce their costs by constantly searching for prices due to fluctuations in the economy. Every customer doing foreign trade tries to reduce logistics costs as much as possible.

To serve our customers as well as possible, we try not to compromise on price or service quality. However, we have taken steps lately to provide them with targets such as target price, target transit time, and enable them to take point shots in their trade. We provide not only transportation costs but also warehousing, customs clearance, packaging, insurance, and even foreign trade consultancy.

  1. What do you especially recommend to your customers when it comes to transport services in 2023?

Problems such as stagnation in the global economy, rising energy prices, changes in trade routes due to war, and long truck queues at border gates have caused stagnation in the logistics industry in many parts of the world. The year 2023 is seen as a year that should be spent in line with the growth target by making more cautious progress.

The constant fluctuation of prices in the market has unfortunately ended our ability to estimate destination-based prices five or ten years ago. This year, it would be beneficial to take advantage of this situation by turning to niche services such as the China-Turkey railway lines that we are currently working with.


DGR Global Logistics is the solution partner in the field of global transportation of Doğruer Customs Consultancy Co., a company which has been providing customs clearance, warehousing and freight forwarding/transportation services for a period of more than 60 years in a professional manner with its corporate approach to business. We aim to become an international corporation providing integrated logistics solutions, in particular in the fields of international transportation, customs clearance, warehousing, inland transportation and insurance blending our innovative service concept with our mission and vision. In this regard, we continue to carry out our activities with our service mentality compatible with developments keeping close pace with the developments in the industry with our young and dynamic team. We aim to expand our service network through innovations by taking part and achieving great successes in salient and remarkable activities and operations on a global basis and thanks to this approach to grow and extend our high-quality corporate services to a wider market and audience in different countries.