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On December 28, 2023 afternoon, the Kuo Long emergency ship successfully docked at Chu Lai port, bringing immense joy to the Headway crew and the customer. The ship not only carried full trust and hope but also was the result of the relentless efforts of the entire crew in charge after long days of anticipation.

Despite facing difficulties and challenges due to schedule changes and weather factors, Headway successfully transported the CKD Mazda car line with a total output of 344 teus from Kobe Port, Japan to Chu Lai Port, Vietnam. This is a domestically assembled car with 100% components imported from abroad.

The original schedule for this shipment was January 2, 2024, however, the urgent change announcement pushed any situation arising into urgency. The shipment was urgently needed for production and business activities and the ship needed to arrive at Chu Lai port in time on December 28, 2023.

Understanding the importance and urgency of the customer, Headway immediately contacted the shipping line, agents, and stakeholders, strengthening the arrangement of the ad hoc ship to quickly serve the transportation for this emergency shipment.

In some urgent periods and unforeseen demands, Headway provided solutions to use ad hoc ship to flexibly choose the shortest route, skip unnecessary ports, and optimize travel time and speed, thereby promptly meeting our customer’s progress.

Information of the ad-hoc ship to be put into operation:

  • Ship name: Kuo Long
  • Estimated departure date (Kobe Port): 22/12/2023
  • Expected arrival date (Chu Lai port): 28/12/2023
  • Shipping volume: 344 teus (2×20′ + 171×40′)
  • Mode of transportation: container ship

After the ship left Kobe Port according to the changed schedule, the Headway Team continued to closely monitor every development of the journey. By the afternoon of the same day, Headway received an update of bad weather, the speed of the ship moving would be affected, hence the time for the ship to dock would be 1 day later.

Following the efforts, the weather factor was an obstacle, directly affecting the timeline of the plan. The entire crew in charge of the ship kept believing and hoping that the weather would gradually improve in the final days of the journey.

And finally, luck smiled upon them, the ship arrived at Chu Lai port in time on December 28, 2023 afternoon, bringing immense joy and overflowing emotions to the entire crew in charge and the customer.

In the transportation battle for this urgent shipment, Headway demonstrated determination and flexible problem-solving capabilities. We overcame immediate challenges, steadfastly maintaining the commitment to provide outstanding services and safe solutions, exceeding the customer’s expectations.

During the journey of 20 years of operation and development, Headway has affirmed its leading transportation capabilities in the automotive sector, earning trust from domestic and international customers, partners, and corporations such as Thaco, Hyundai, Ducati, SAIC, etc.

With more than 20 years of experience in the logistics industry, Headway JSC is the leading logistics company in Vietnam in terms of refrigerated freight, automotive logistics, perishable goods, and cross-border goods. Headway offers fully integrated and all-inclusive services. Headway designs workable and smart logistics solutions for each and every client’s inquiry. Spanning 5 continents, presenting in more than 196 countries worldwide with 9 offices in Vietnam, Headway has extensive global coverage with deep local knowledge. The company has developed strong partnerships with professional agents in every country around the globe.