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Recently, Headway JSC took a business trip to the Kia factory operations office in Anantapur, India. The trip helps us strengthen comprehensive cooperation and optimize development strategies for the auto industry in the Vietnamese and Indian markets.

Kia Motor is the second largest automobile manufacturer in Korea, growing after its parent company, Hyundai Motor Group. Currently, Kia continues to expand its global reach with 4 car factories in its home country, along with other factories in China, India, Mexico, Slovakia, and the US.

The Kia Motor factory in India was inaugurated in 2019, with a installed capacity of up to 300,000 vehicles per year to serve domestic consumption needs as well as supply to neighboring countries and regions.

During his business trip at the Kia India factory, Mr. Felix – Headway CEO had the opportunity to meet and work with global dealer partners. We spent a lot of time learning more about the flow of imported cars from India to Vietnam, looking for solutions to quickly support a comprehensive, highly efficient transportation supply chain at transit ports.

Headway is operating a shipping route from Indian ports to Vietnam within 8 days, with a stable weekly ship schedule, with priority to serving the Vietnamese and Indian markets.

With a broad vision and outstanding advantage in automotive products, Headway continues to strongly accompany domestic business partners with a long-term development strategy, expand its global network, and increase its competitiveness in the world auto industry market.


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